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Cardiology deals with diagnostics and treatment of cardio-vascular system diseases. Among our specialist doctors’ surgeries we have a cardiologist surgery. Our cardiologist boasts of several years’ experience in the profession and thus, extensive expertise. Among other procedures, we perform a thorough echocardiography, which allows to detect any heart defects. Echocardiography does not require any special preparation on the part of the patient, but it can substantially facilitate the diagnosis of illness. We encourage you to visit the cardiologist if you should notice any disturbing symptoms or ailments.

Our cardiologist is Karolina Obońska, MD, PhD

Cardiologist surgery

Our cardiologist surgery is equipped with a 12-lead ECG of an advanced technology for performing electrocardiography and a modern USG apparatus for performing echocardiography.

Electrocardiography test (ECG)

Resting ECG test enables non-invasive recording of electrical activity of the heart. It is one of basic additional medical examinations providing essential diagnostic and prognostic information.

The test enables fast and accurate detection of heart rhythm disturbances as well as myocardial ischemia, especially the diagnosis of a fresh cardiac infarction. Diagnostic accuracy of an ECG test in the case of cardiac infarctions equals 90%.

Resting ECG test – what does it consist in?

During the test the patient lies down comfortably on the couch with electrodes attached to the skin. Usually six of them are attached to the chest and one to each of the limbs. Proper arrangement of electrodes causes the leads to “look at” a certain area of the heart. For example, limb leads give the image of the inferior wall of the heart, whereas the ones located on the chest – anterior and lateral. ECG test makes it possible to localize the ischemic areas or cardiac infarction, detect arrhythmia or diagnose many other heart diseases.

Indications for performing a resting ECG test:


  • chest pains
  • palpitations
  • deterioration of effort tolerance
  • heart failure symptoms
  • fainting
  • arterial hypertension

Resting ECG test – preparation for the test:

ECG test does not require any special preparations. You do not have to come to the test on an empty stomach and you can take your regular medications . Please make sure the skin is clean and do not apply any oil or body lotions as it is difficult to attach electrodes to the greasy skin. The ends of electrodes are covered with a special gel which facilitates conduction of impulses. Men with profuse body hair should shave their chest hair prior to the test.


Echocardiography (cardiac echo, ultrasonocardiography, ultrasound cardiography) is a non-invasive test enabling imaging heart structures and the large blood vessels by means of ultrasonographic technique.

Sound waves are emitted by the transducer probe and the echocardiographic image is created on the basis of returning sound waves reflected from tissues. The use of Doppler effect makes it possible to assess the velocity of blood flow and tissue motion.

Echocardiogram is a test which does not only allow to see the heart, it is first of all the fundamental tool of cardiologic diagnostics enabling assessment of haemodynamic function of the heart.

Transthoracic echocardiogram allows assessment of morphology and function of heart valves as well as assessment of advancement degree of potential heart valve defect, assessment of cardiac chambers and thickness of walls, analysis of left and right ventricle systolic function, left ventricle diastolic function, description of the large blood vessels and pericardium.

Indications for performing a transthoracic echocardiography test:

  • deterioration of effort tolerance, dyspnoea
  • arterial hypertension
  • palpitation
  • fainting
  • chest pains
  • deviations in the subject test (heart murmur)
  • heart failure symptoms (e.g. lower limb oedema)
  • diagnostics of suspected cardiologic pathology (with the presence of clinical symptoms or lesions in additional medical tests suggestive of cardiologic pathology)’
  • monitoring assessment of known pathology 
  • assessment of heart structures and function in the diagnosed cardiologic pathology for the purpose of qualification for invasive treatment or cardiac surgery treatment 
  • assessment of heart structures and function in the diagnosed cardiologic pathology following pharmacologic, invasive or cardiac surgery treatment
  • assessment of heart structures and function in persons from a higher cardio-vascular risk group qualified for non-cardiac surgeries

Echocardiography – preparation for the test:

Echocardiography test does not require any special preparations.

Echocardiography – what you need to know:
It is of crucial importance to compare current results with the previous ones, which facilitates diagnosis and sometimes can help avoid unnecessary hospitalisation.

It is a harmless test like any other ultrasound tests, therefore, there are no contraindications to its performance. The test is conducted in a dimmed room in order to obtain an image in greyscale. The patient is lying on the left or right side. It is important that the echocardiographic images are of good quality because unclear images make assessment by the cardiologist difficult.

We encourage you to use our promotional cardiologic packages which enable risk assessment of cardio-vascular incidents

  • basic package (medical examination, ECG, lipid profile)
    price of the package: PLN 200
  • extended package (medical examination, ECG, echocardiogram, lipid profile)
    price of the package: PLN 300


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