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USG enables the assessment of internal organs condition. Performing a thorough USG test is the basis for further diagnostics when there is a suspicion of various diseases. Abdominal USG allows for elimination of different ailments, which could have similar symptoms to the ones observed in our patient. If an efficient diagnosis is conducted facilitated by USG, proper medication can be administered as well as other activities. Thanks to USG, it is possible to cure or at least prevent the development of the disease.

The following specialists work in our USG surgery:
Karol Zaczyński, MD - radiologist – full range of USG tests
Karolina Obońska, MD, PhD – cardiologist - echocardiogram
Paweł Brazis, MD, PhD - vascular surgeon - Doppler of arterial and venous system
Magdalena Konieczna-Brazis, MD - neurologist – Doppler of cervical, vertebral and subclavian arteries

In the USG surgery the following tests are performed:


  • abdominal ultrasonography
  • breast and axillary ultrasonography 
  • USG of peripheral lymph nodes (of the neck, supra and infraclavicular fossae, axillae and groin) 
  • thyroid ultrasonography
  • salivary glands ultrasonography
  • testicular ultrasonography 
  • soft tissue ultrasonography (palpable nodules, scars)
  • intercostal space ultrasonography (pleural cavity)
  • echocardiogram (performed by the Cardiologist)
  • Doppler ultrasonography of the blood vessels of the limbs (performed by the Radiologist)
  • ultrasonography of foot and hand joints (performed by the Radiologist or the Orthopaedist)
  • ultrasonography of knee and hip joints (performed by the Radiologist or the Orthopaedist)
  • ultrasonography of humeral, elbow, ankle and wrist joints (performed by the Radiologist or the Orthopaedist)
  • Doppler ultrasonography of the arterial and venous system (performed by the Vascular Surgeon)
  • Doppler ultrasonography of cervical, vertebral, subclavian arteries (performed by the Neurologist holding the certificate of European Society of Neurosonology and Cerebral Hemodynamics, ESNCH).

We also perform USG-guided diagnostic biopsies of:


  • breasts
  • thyroid
  • lymph nodes
  • soft tissue nodules


Opening hours


od 8.00 do 20.00

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