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Urological rehabilitation

Urological rehabilitation constitutes one of the most efficient methods which allows for dealing with the problem of urinary incontinence. Thanks to properly selected exercises, the patient can limit troublesome and embarrassing symptoms. Urinary incontinence is an affliction of many people, who thanks to the help of our specialists can return to normal functioning. We can guarantee that urological rehabilitation is conducted by the persons with expertise and secrecy. The exercises will strengthen the adequate muscles and you will feel better.

Our urological rehabilitation specialists are:

Magdalena Szczepańska, MA

Urinary incontinence is a problem of social significance that is individually troublesome, therefore, it is thought-provoking that the problem is neglected. How immense the scale of the problem is, we can see in the statistics – 7 out of 10 women in the post-menopause period are affected. There are numerous causes of urinary incontinence, as well as there are many methods of treatment, from the change of lifestyle to the surgical procedure. In our Clinic we are trying to help our patients in the most non-invasive way, among others, through teaching appropriate daily behaviour, application of supportive methods (incl. pessaries) and finally through urological rehabilitation.

Who can undergo urological rehabilitation

For our treatment programme we can qualify patients (both men and women) with all types of urinary incontinence, also after surgical procedures. It is especially recommended for incontinence patients after radical prostatectomy (excision of prostate gland), women with stress incontinence, patients with neurological disorders, patients with lumbosacral spine diseases, as well as for patients with postoperative complications.

The final decision concerning qualification is taken after medical consultation. Sometimes what is also necessary for qualification are additional tests (pelvic floor USG, urodynamic test, cystoscopy, urine cytology etc.) and specialist consultations (neurological, neurosurgical, gynaecological).

Treatment methods:

The method of treatment of pelvic organ prolapse consists in application of intravaginal devices of various shapes and sizes, which ensure mechanical support for descending organs. Due to anatomical disparities, it is important to choose pessaries individually and to adequately train the patient in their use.

It is an extremely effective method of treating urinary incontinence, however, not appreciated in Poland. A proper medical rehabilitation which includes properly performed pelvic floor muscles training and the use of physiotherapy methods is a standard procedure in many Western Europe countries. Appropriately conducted training can decrease the symptoms of urinary incontinence in 3-6 weeks, or limit them significantly.

Who conducts the treatment?
The treatment and prophylaxis programme is conducted by Przemysław Adamczyk (urology, balneology, and physical medicine specialist), Filip Kowalski, MD (in the course of specialization in urology) and Magdalena Szczepńska, MA (physiotherapy specialist).

The offer:

10-meeting package

The price - PLN 670. What is included in the package are 2 visits at the urologist’s (at the beginning and at the end of treatment) and individual meetings with the physiotherapist (10 meetings each lasting 20-30 minutes). The package is recommended for men with postoperative urinary incontinence and for women with stress urinary incontinence.


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